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The Panther Cubs SAY Soccer Academy is designed to introduce the 3U-4U player to the game of soccer in a fun and safe environment. This program has been designed for preschool aged kids so they can work on a variety of skill-sets that will ultimately make them well-rounded, confidant and socialized young people.

This program will be offered in both the Fall and Spring seasons for 6-weeks. Each playing week will consist of one 45 to 60-minute training session led by a volunteer-based coaching staff. Each volunteer coach will have a base SAY curriculum that will be provided to them and will be offered a SAY coaching course to help make them a well-educated coach for Little Miami Panther Cubs.

The curriculum will be broken down into the following categories:

Social Skills (10%)

Cognitive Development (15%)

Motor-Skill Development (40%)

Soccer Skill - Basics (25%)

Play (10%)

Each week players will be introduced to new skill-sets and the opportunity to practice those they learned during prior training sessions. After 6-weeks, the preschool-aged player will be proficient in certain motor-skills that have been taught and have new soccer skill-sets they can continue to work on. The most vital part of the Panther Cubs program is that the kids, parents and coaches have a fun soccer experience that will encourage them to continue playing and participating in future years.





The following skills will be introduced but NOT mastered at this age:





Run with stops and starts & change of direction

Turns – Basic


Individual and Team Behavior

Balance – on a line & on one foot

Dribbling Basics


Fair and Foul Play

Gallop & Skip & Lateral Movements

Basic Rules

Throw – Strong & Weak Hand

Jump – one foot to another, stride & bound, hurdles

Rolling, Bending Low & Arching

NSCAA Competency Matrix - STAGE 1: 3-year-old player


Benefits / Outcomes


There are a vast number of benefits for children who practice movement and physical activity in early childhood. In addition to creating healthy habits and fostering a lifelong commitment to physical activity, children whose early childhood experiences is based in movement enjoy the following benefits in both early childhood and for the rest of their lives:

Better social and motor skill development

Increased school readiness skills

Building developing muscles, bones, and joints faster

Reducing fat and lowering blood pressure

Reducing depression and anxiety

Increased learning capacity

Developing healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills

Building strength, self-confidence, concentration, and coordination from an early age


Furthermore, active children have fewer chronic health problems, are sick less frequently, miss less school, and have a significantly reduced risk for several childhood and adult diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and mental illness.




The Panther Cubs program has been created for preschool-aged boys and girls that are 3U-4U. This program is open to any and all participants that fall within the restrictions of the implemented Little Miami Youth Soccer Association age matrix. 



Each Panther Cubs team will hold between 8-10 players. All teams will have a head coach and at least 1 assistant coach. Each team will train on their own field that will be lined with paint or cones, two portable goals and a center circle. Parents please be willing to help when needed, some children require more attention than others. Parents should feel free to assist the coaches in drills on the field when possible.

You do not need to create a team or pair your child with other players. We will assign players to teams randomly if you choose to sign up just your son or daughter.


Volunteer Coaches


SAY has built its foundation of soccer success on the volunteer coaches and administrators that take time and energy to grow the game within their area or district. It is our hope that with each new 3U or 4U program created, it will also increase the number of volunteer coaches as well. With the coaching numbers increasing with the Panther Cubs program, the importance of coaching education will be greater than ever before. It is our goal to provide these new coaches with a coach’s tool kit of 3U-4U soccer curriculums, on-field education opportunities, and online educational services. Please don't shy away from volunteering. We will prepare and educate you to be a great coach for this program. 



Practices will be held once a week (usually Saturday mornings) for 45-60 minutes. Each session will be broken down into 5-6 sections of soccer-based activities. There are no games at this age.  




The price for participating in Panther Cubs is $65.  Each participant will receive a team t-shirt that is included.

Location / Fields


Veterans Memorial Park




Each participant should wear the provided team t-shirt each practice. Along with that, kids should wear loose-fitting shorts, shin guards with long socks over top and cleats or running shoes. All long hair should be pulled back from the child's face.




Please have your child bring a water bottle and an appropriate soccer ball (size 3) to each practice. All gear needs to be marked with child's name on it. 

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